Zoho Integration with LinkedIn

The integration between Zoho and LinkedIn combines the power of the leading professional social network with Zoho’s contact management tools. This integration allows you to optimize your networking efforts and make the most out of your professional relationships by accessing updated LinkedIn information directly within Zoho applications.


Importing LinkedIn Profiles

With the integration between Zoho CRM and LinkedIn, you can import LinkedIn profiles directly into your contact database in Zoho CRM. This facilitates capturing relevant information such as work experience, skills, and contact details to enrich your customer and prospect records.

Tracking Activities on LinkedIn

Zoho CRM allows you to record and track interactions and activities that occur on LinkedIn directly from the platform. You can save notes, record conversations, and track messages sent on LinkedIn, providing you with a comprehensive view of your relationship with LinkedIn contacts.

LinkedIn Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns integrates with LinkedIn Ads, allowing you to create and manage targeted advertising campaigns on LinkedIn directly from the Zoho platform. You can segment and target your ads to specific audiences on LinkedIn, helping you generate leads and increase brand visibility on the social network.

Automatic Profile Updates

The integration between Zoho CRM and LinkedIn enables you to automatically keep your contact records updated. Updated LinkedIn data, such as changes in a contact’s position or company, is synchronized with corresponding records in Zoho CRM, ensuring you always have the latest information available.

Advanced Contact Search

Zoho CRM offers advanced search functionality that allows you to filter and search for specific contacts on LinkedIn directly from the platform. You can search based on criteria such as location, position, company, and more, making it easier to identify and track your target contacts on LinkedIn.

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