ZOHO for Sales

Zoho for Sales

A system in which you can trust all your sales and provide the work of your company without complications thanks to the different tools and functionalities that the platform offers you. With Zoho for Sales, you will be able to centralize all the activities that you carry out with your potential customers, get to know the profile of your consumers in depth and achieve the highest productivity. Being a system hosted in the cloud, you and your entire team can access the CRM from anywhere, regardless of the device. Manage your sales, assign tasks to your agents, share activities or contact your customers. Everything can be done more comfortably and efficiently.

The advantages of having Zoho for Sales

Powerful database: Store all the information of your leads and contacts, and record every activity you do with them, from the conversations you have with your clients to a quote sent two years ago. Not only that, within the CRM alerts and reminders will be created that automatically notify you of everything that happens with your business.           

Total customization: Adapt your CRM to the needs of your business. Customize modules in a variety of ways: create additional module layouts, add different field types, create validation rules, or add subforms. Make all the modules relate to each other to improve the management of all your contacts and all the activities.

Lead scoring: Within the CRM you can set up rules that identify potential customers with a higher probability of selling, so your company can focus attention on them and close more deals.

Detailed analysis of all your sales process

Create analytics dashboards that help you better understand performance in all aspects of your business, from the number of deals closed to the performance of your team. Make better decisions based on the reports that the CRM provides you. Choose from a variety of pre-built reports for a quick analysis of sales status, or you can create custom reports for more detailed data than you really need. Set your goals and enforce them. Analyze each sales activity and track both the numbers at each stage of your sales pipeline and the performance meter and know if the sales level is on track.

Count on the best customer service

In order to sell you need to have a customer service that meets the needs of the customer. The CRM is the perfect solution to optimize the service process of your company and improve the relationship with customers. Integrate various contact channels within the platform and you will be able to communicate with your customers via phone, WhatsApp, email, chat or social networks. Set up a chatbot in simple steps, and start providing support through your website without the need for a physical operator. Convert your page visitors into customers more easily.

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