Zoho for Real Estate

Zoho offers comprehensive solutions for the real estate sector, from property management to sales automation. With Zoho, streamline administration, efficiently coordinate transactions, and optimize collaboration, becoming the essential tool for success in real estate.

Zoho for Sales

10 Zoho Apps for Real Estate

Advantages of Zoho for Real Estate

Simplified Accounting and Finance

Zoho Books simplifies financial management, allowing precise control of income, expenses, and budgets, essential for efficient management in the real estate sector.

Comprehensive Property and Client Management

Zoho CRM enables centralized management of properties and clients, facilitating tracking of transactions, specific client requirements, and sales opportunities.

Automation of Real Estate Processes

Zoho Creator enables automation of real estate processes, from capturing property data to report generation, optimizing operational efficiency.

Secure Electronic Signatures


Zoho Sign streamlines real estate transactions through secure electronic signatures, speeding up processes and ensuring document integrity.

Impressive Presentations and Designs

Consolidating multiple tools into a comprehensive platform like Zoho One can result in significant long-term savings. Not only do you reduce subscription costs, but you also decrease the time spent managing multiple tools.

Informed Decision Making


Zoho Analytics provides detailed analytics of real estate data, allowing informed decisions about investments, market trends, and property performance.

Zoho Integrations for Real Estate

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