Zoho Integration with Google

The integration between Zoho and Google offers a powerful synergy by combining Google’s robust productivity tools with Zoho’s powerful applications. This integration enables seamless collaboration, efficient data management, and workflow improvement for businesses and teams.


Email Integration

Zoho Mail can be integrated with Gmail, making it easy to manage your emails in a single interface. You can receive and send emails from your Zoho account directly from Gmail, saving time and improving efficiency.

Cloud Storage Integration

Zoho Docs integrates with Google Drive, allowing you to access and edit your Zoho Docs files directly from Google Drive. This integration simplifies access to your documents and facilitates collaboration with other users using Google Drive.

Integration with Google Analytics

Zoho Analytics can be integrated with Google Analytics for deeper data analysis. You can import data from Google Analytics into Zoho Analytics and create custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations for a better understanding of your business.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Google Workspace

Zoho CRM can be integrated with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), enabling smoother real-time collaboration. You can share Zoho CRM documents with Google Drive, collaborate in real-time on Google Sheets spreadsheets, and hold video conferences with Google Meet directly from the CRM.

Calendar Sync

The integration between Zoho Calendar and Google Calendar allows syncing events and appointments between both platforms. This ensures that you’re always up to date with your commitments no matter which platform you’re working on.

Contact Sync

La integración de Zoho CRM con Google Contacts te permite sincronizar tus contactos en ambas plataformas. Esto garantiza que tus contactos estén actualizados y disponibles en todos los sistemas, lo que facilita la gestión de tus relaciones comerciales. 

Task Sync

The integration between Zoho Projects and Google Tasks allows syncing tasks and projects between both platforms. You can create, assign, and track tasks in Zoho Projects and have a centralized view of all your tasks in Google Tasks. This facilitates project management and tracking in one place.

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