Zoho Vault

No longer do you have to memorize passwords, Zoho Vault is a secure password manager that helps you manage passwords reliably and autofill them on websites and applications.


Secure Password Management

Store, share, and manage passwords securely with different levels of access privileges. You can also add notes, documents, credit cards, software licenses, SSH keys, and more to your password vault.

Powerful Security Dashboards

Get clear security insights into your personal and business passwords. Identify insecure passwords and change them with just a few clicks. Keep track of sensitive passwords with our comprehensive audit logs.

Single Sign-On for Cloud Applications

Allow users to log in to their everyday applications without passwords. Our catalog seamlessly integrates with hundreds of popular cloud applications, as well as custom integration options.

Zoho Vault: Simplified Password Security and Management

In the digital age, password security is essential to protect your company’s data and ensure your employees’ privacy. Zoho Vault is a solution designed to simplify the management and secure storage of enterprise passwords.

What is Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault is a password management platform that enables businesses to securely store, manage, and share passwords. This solution offers a wide range of features, including password encryption, role-based access management, and secure password generation.

Advantages of Zoho Vault

Enhanced Security: Protect your company’s passwords with strong encryption.

Efficient Management: Facilitate organization and management of employee and team passwords.

Controlled Access: Enable secure password access based on roles and permissions.

Why Zoho Vault is Important for Your Business?

Password Security

Zoho Vault ensures that passwords are protected and stored securely, preventing information leaks.


Helps comply with data security and privacy regulations by ensuring secure password management.

Improved Productivity

Facilitates password access and online collaboration, improving operational efficiency.

How to Get Started with Zoho Vault?

Step 1. Registration: Begin by signing up on the Zoho Vault online platform.

Step 2. Secure Storage: Add and store your company’s passwords securely on the platform.

Step 3. Access Management: Configure roles and permissions to control who has access to passwords and what they can do with them.

Step 4. Password Generation: Use Zoho Vault’s secure password generation tools to create strong passwords.


In summary, Zoho Vault is an essential tool for any company looking to ensure the security of its passwords and confidential data. With its features of enhanced security, efficient management, and controlled access, it provides the necessary tools to protect your enterprise passwords and improve productivity. If you want to simplify password management and ensure data security, Zoho Vault is the solution you need.


1. Is Zoho Vault suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Vault is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations looking to manage and protect their passwords securely.

2. How does Zoho Vault help with compliance?

Zoho Vault provides secure password management and controlled access, facilitating compliance with data security and privacy regulations.

3. Is it complicated to set up and use Zoho Vault?

No, Zoho Vault is easy to set up and use. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly start securely managing their passwords.

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