Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers a powerful ATS and CRM in a single recruiting platform. Its scalability, customization, and remote hiring tools make Recruit the tool your staffing agency or in-house HR team needs to match the right candidate with the right role.


Hire People with the Right Skills

Set mandatory and non-mandatory skills for a job opening before posting it. Zoho Recruit’s AI engine calculates the applicant’s skill score and identifies candidates in seconds. Enhance the visibility of your job opening to find talent.

Utilize Templates for Assessments

Eliminate communication gaps between you and your client. With the Client Portal, your clients can create a new job opening, provide candidate feedback for your review, and make decisions on interviews. Use templates for consistent assessments and collaborate with your hiring team.

Selection Process Management

Make optimal hiring decisions with the right information at your fingertips. Let your hiring process be data-driven and generate reports with Recruit’s advanced analytics for insights on candidate interview statuses, job opening statuses, and more.

Zoho Recruit: Your Comprehensive Solution for Talent Management

Efficient talent management is essential for any business looking to grow and succeed. Zoho Recruit is a platform designed to simplify and enhance the way you manage the hiring process and talent in your organization.

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive online talent management solution that enables businesses to efficiently manage the hiring process and talent within their organization. This platform offers a wide range of features, including resume management, interview scheduling, candidate tracking, and team collaboration.

Advantages of Zoho Recruit

Efficient Resume Management: Facilitates the management and organization of candidate resumes.

Simplified Interview Scheduling: Allows for efficient interview scheduling and team collaboration for decision-making.

Candidate Tracking: Provides tools for tracking and evaluating candidates throughout the hiring process.

Why Zoho Recruit is Important for Your Business?

Quality Talent Selection

Zoho Recruit helps select and hire quality talent, contributing to company growth. 

Efficiency in Hiring Process

The platform improves efficiency in the hiring process, saving time and resources.

Team Collaboration

Facilitates team collaboration in candidate selection, enhancing decision-making.

How to Get Started with Zoho Recruit?

Step 1: Registration: Begin by registering on the Zoho Recruit online platform.

Step 2: Setup of Hiring Processes: Configure custom hiring processes for your company.

Step 3: Resume Management: Use the platform to manage and organize candidate resumes.

Step 4: Candidate Tracking: Implement candidate tracking throughout the hiring process.


In summary, Zoho Recruit is an essential tool for any business looking to simplify and improve talent management and the hiring process. With its features of efficient resume management, simplified interview scheduling, candidate tracking, and team collaboration, it provides the necessary tools to select quality talent and improve efficiency in the hiring process. If you want to hire the best candidates, save time and resources in the hiring process, and enhance team collaboration, Zoho Recruit is the solution you need.

1. Is Zoho Recruit suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Recruit is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations that need to efficiently manage the hiring process and talent.

2. Can I customize hiring processes in Zoho Recruit?

Yes, you can customize hiring processes on the platform to fit the specific needs of your company.

3. How does Zoho Recruit help in team collaboration during the hiring process?

Zoho Recruit facilitates team collaboration by allowing multiple team members to participate in interview scheduling and candidate evaluation, enhancing decision-making.

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