Zoho Patch Manager Plus

Automate cloud-based patch management anytime, anywhere. Patch Manager Plus in the cloud helps you stay on top of all updates for all Windows and MacOS computers.


Automated Patch Management

Automate all phases of patch management, from scanning, assessment, deployment, to reporting. Easily customize patch deployment policies to meet your unique business needs. Create test groups, with deployment in production environments automatically.

Third-Party Patching


Manage and deploy patches for over 850 third-party applications, such as Adobe, Java, WinRAR, and more. Secure Windows 10 PCs by deploying the latest feature update without compromising productivity. Learn how Patch Manager Plus could help patch your endpoints remotely.

Flexible Reporting and Auditing

Access greater visibility into patch compliance and endpoint patch status with flexible, real-time reporting and auditing. Achieve a 100% patch compliance status on all systems, through endpoint remediation techniques and assessment.

Zoho Patch Manager Plus: Effective Software Update Management

The security and performance of your company’s computer systems largely depend on keeping programs and operating systems up to date. Zoho Patch Manager Plus is a solution designed to simplify and automate patch and software update management.

What is Zoho Patch Manager Plus?

Zoho Patch Manager Plus is a comprehensive patch management platform that enables businesses to automate the software update application process on all their devices and systems. This solution offers a wide range of features, including patch detection, installation scheduling, and update status tracking.

Advantages of Zoho Patch Manager Plus

Effective Automation: Simplifies patch management by automating repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Security: Keeps systems up to date to protect against known vulnerabilities.

Optimized Performance: Helps maintain optimal system performance by applying relevant updates.

Why is Zoho Patch Manager Plus Important for Your Business?

Data Security

Zoho Patch Manager Plus ensures that systems are protected against cyber threats by keeping them updated and secure.

Regulatory Compliance

Helps comply with data security and privacy regulations by keeping systems updated and protected.

Improved Productivity

Patch management automation reduces the time and resources devoted to this task, enhancing the productivity of your IT team.

How to Get Started with Zoho Patch Manager Plus?

Step 1: Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho Patch Manager Plus online platform.

Step 2: Policy Configuration: Configure patch policies according to your company’s needs, such as installation scheduling and selecting systems to update.

Step 3: Patch Detection: Use patch detection tools to identify necessary updates on your systems.

Step 4: Automation: Automate patch installation and update status tracking to keep your systems secure and up to date.


In summary, Zoho Patch Manager Plus is an essential tool for any company looking to keep its computer systems secure, up to date, and compliant with regulations. With its effective automation features, enhanced security, and improved IT team productivity, it provides the necessary tools to protect your systems and business data. If you want to simplify patch management and ensure your systems are always protected, Zoho Patch Manager Plus is the solution you need.


1. Is Zoho Patch Manager Plus suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Patch Manager Plus is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations that need to manage and automate software patching.

2. How does Zoho Patch Manager Plus help with regulatory compliance?

Zoho Patch Manager Plus helps comply with data security and privacy regulations by keeping systems updated and protected against known cyber threats, which is essential for regulatory compliance.

3. What systems and devices can Zoho Patch Manager Plus manage?

Zoho Patch Manager Plus is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and devices, including computers, servers, and mobile devices, making it versatile and suitable for diverse business environments.

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