Zoho Mobile Device Management

ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus, a division of Zoho’s IT, allows you to configure, monitor, and protect your company’s mobile applications and devices.


Complete Mobile Device Management

Monitor and control corporate and employee-owned devices on your network efficiently. Manage all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices from acquisition to retirement.

Apply Maximum Mobile Security

Maximize security with device authentication, secure passcodes, and BYOD data containerization. Protect devices and corporate data with remote device locking.

Manage App Lifecycles


Control the lifecycle of corporate applications from deployment to retirement. Generate detailed reports on all mobile assets and their app inventories.

Zoho Mobile Device Management: Total Control of Enterprise Mobile Devices

Today, mobile devices are essential in the business environment, but their management and security are crucial to protect data and ensure efficiency. Zoho Mobile Device Management is a solution designed to help businesses effectively manage and secure their employees’ mobile devices.

What is Zoho Mobile Device Management?

Zoho Mobile Device Management is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to manage and secure mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets used by employees for work purposes. This solution offers a wide range of features, including remote configuration, data encryption, and application management.

Advantages of Zoho Mobile Device Management

Centralized Management: Facilitates the administration of all devices from a single platform.

Enhanced Security: Protects enterprise data with encryption and security policies.

Increased Productivity: Enables efficient distribution of enterprise applications and configurations.

Why is Zoho Mobile Device Management Important for Your Business?

Data Security

Zoho Mobile Device Management ensures the security of enterprise data on mobile devices, preventing potential security breaches.

Improved Productivity

Efficient mobile device management allows employees to access necessary tools and data quickly and securely, enhancing productivity.

Regulatory Compliance

Helps comply with data security and privacy regulations by applying specific security policies.

How to Get Started with Zoho Mobile Device Management?

Step 1. Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho Mobile Device Management online platform.

Step 2. Device Enrollment: Register the mobile devices used by your employees on the platform.

Step 3. Policy Configuration: Configure security and access policies according to your company’s needs.

Step 4. App Distribution: Securely distribute enterprise applications through the platform.


In summary, Zoho Mobile Device Management is an essential tool for any company using mobile devices in its workplace. With its features of centralized management, enhanced security, and productivity improvement, it provides you with the necessary tools to protect your company’s data and ensure your employees’ efficiency. If you want to maintain total control over enterprise mobile devices, Zoho Mobile Device Management is the solution you need.


1. Is Zoho Mobile Device Management suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Mobile Device Management is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations that need to manage and protect mobile devices in their workplace.

2. What types of mobile devices can be managed with Zoho Mobile Device Management?

You can manage a wide variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, regardless of their operating system.

3. How does Zoho Mobile Device Management help with regulatory compliance?

Zoho Mobile Device Management allows you to apply specific security and access policies, facilitating compliance with data security and privacy regulations by protecting and controlling enterprise data on mobile devices.

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