Zoho Commerce

Zoho Commerce contains all the tools you need to create a website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipments, promote your brand, and analyze your data.


Build your own store


Design your own online store with our drag-and-drop creation tool and professional website templates. Save on development costs and start selling faster. Our templates are designed to allow easy navigation on any device.

Manage your store operations

Manage the entire store through one program. Track inventory, fulfill store orders on time, accept payments online and offline, and allow customers to track deliveries.

Market your online store


Interact with customers on the same panel to convince website visitors, encourage more purchases, and recover lost sales. Make informed decisions with advanced analytics and reporting features.

Zoho Commerce: Drive Your Online Store to Success

In the era of e-commerce, having a reliable platform is essential for the success of your online store. Zoho Commerce is a comprehensive solution designed to help you create and manage an online store effectively.

What is Zoho Commerce?

Zoho Commerce is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to easily and efficiently create, customize, and manage online stores. This tool offers a variety of features, including product catalog creation, inventory management, secure payment options, and integration with other Zoho applications.

Advantages of Zoho Commerce

Custom Design: Allows you to customize the appearance and design of your online store to match your brand image.

Inventory Management: Facilitates inventory management, product tracking, and stock updates.

Secure Payment Options: Offers secure and varied payment options for your customers, including popular payment gateways.

Integration with Zoho: Seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics.

Why Zoho Commerce is Important for Your Business?

Reach a Wider Audience

With an online store on Zoho Commerce, you can reach a global audience and increase your sales opportunities.

Facilitates Management

The platform simplifies product management, inventory, and order processing, saving time and resources.

Payment Security

Offering secure and varied payment options increases your customers’ trust and reduces cart abandonment.

How to Get Started with Zoho Commerce?

Step 1. Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho Commerce online platform.

Step 2. Store Setup: Set up your online store, including design, products, and payment options.

Step 3. Inventory Management: Upload your inventory and establish tracking systems.

Step 4. Promotion and Sales: Use Zoho Commerce’s marketing and promotion tools to attract customers and increase sales.


In summary, Zoho Commerce is an essential tool for any business looking to enter the world of e-commerce or enhance its online presence. With its features of custom design, inventory management, and secure payment options, it provides everything you need to succeed in online commerce. If you’re looking to drive your online store to success, Zoho Commerce is the right choice.

1. Is Zoho Commerce suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Commerce caters to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses looking to have an online presence.

2. What type of products can be sold on Zoho Commerce?

You can sell a wide variety of products, from physical goods to digital services, through Zoho Commerce.

3. What payment options does Zoho Commerce offer?

Zoho Commerce offers a variety of secure payment gateways, including PayPal, credit cards, and more.

4. Does Zoho Commerce provide order tracking options?

Yes, you can track orders and deliveries through the platform.

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