Zoho Bugtracker

Excellent fast, simple, and scalable software for automated bug tracking that helps you easily fix them using custom workflows, business rules, and SLAs.


Automate your bugs

BugTracker configuration includes options for administrators to generate updates and email notifications, as well as run third-party applications when predefined rules are met. You can also automate your SLAs, so you can meet the terms of an agreement.

Billing for the work

Billing and expense processes are no longer a disruption. With the Timesheet feature, all team members can record their billable and non-billable hours. BugTracker’s integration with Zoho Invoice automates invoice generation and expense reporting.

User management

Assign each development team their own space to create modules, assign user roles, and set privileges. With Zoho BugTracker, administrators have full control and can gain good visibility into a project. Store different types of files, all in one place, for better teamwork.

Zoho BugTracker: Efficient Management of Issues and Bugs

In software development, identifying and resolving issues and bugs is essential for delivering quality products. Zoho BugTracker is a tool designed to simplify issue and bug management in software development, enabling development teams to track, prioritize, and resolve issues efficiently.

What is Zoho BugTracker?

Zoho BugTracker is an issue and bug management platform that allows development teams to track and resolve software issues effectively. This solution offers a wide range of features, including issue ticket creation, task assignment, and issue resolution tracking.

Benefits of Zoho BugTracker

Centralized Management: Allows development teams to manage all issues and bugs in one place.

Efficient Prioritization: Facilitates prioritization of issues based on severity and impact.

Enhanced Collaboration: Encourages collaboration among team members to effectively resolve issues.

Why is Zoho BugTracker Important for Your Development Team?

Delivery of Quality Software

Zoho BugTracker helps identify and resolve issues and bugs, leading to the delivery of high-quality software.

Increased Efficiency

Enables development teams to work more efficiently by providing effective issue management tools.

Continuous Improvement

Tracking and resolving issues enable continuous improvement in software quality and the development process.

How to Get Started with Zoho BugTracker?

Step 1. Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho BugTracker online platform.

Step 2. Ticket Creation: Create issue tickets to identify and document software issues.

Step 3. Task Assignment: Assign tasks to team members to resolve specific issues.

Step 4. Tracking and Resolution: Use tracking tools to monitor progress and effectively resolve issues.


In summary, Zoho BugTracker is an essential tool for any software development team looking to deliver quality products and improve operational efficiency. With its features of centralized management, efficient prioritization, and enhanced collaboration, it provides the necessary tools to identify, track, and resolve issues effectively. If you want to ensure your software is reliable and bug-free, Zoho BugTracker is the solution you need.


1. Is Zoho BugTracker suitable for development teams of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho BugTracker is suitable for both small development teams and large enterprises looking to efficiently manage software issues and bugs.

2. What types of issues and bugs can Zoho BugTracker manage?

Zoho BugTracker can manage a wide variety of software issues and bugs, including programming errors, functionality issues, and usability problems, among others.

3. How does Zoho BugTracker help in the continuous improvement of software development?

Zoho BugTracker allows development teams to track and resolve issues effectively, leading to continuous improvement in software quality and the development process.

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