Zoho Sign

A comprehensive digital signature application for business signatories. Sign utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to provide the highest levels of security for digitally signing and verifying documents.


A simple yet feature-rich user interface


Digitally sign documents and send signed copies to third parties via email, receive signed documents instantly, or send them out for signatures. Securely manage your documents from anywhere with Zoho Sign.

Configure workflow and comply with standards

Define the signing order when sending a document to multiple recipients and control how they receive and sign it. Zoho Sign allows you to perform military-grade encryption and ensure the highest level of data security. Comply with the latest electronic signature laws.

Track document status and add your branding

Track every stage of the document signing process through our comprehensive audit trail. Receive immediate alerts and notifications about the status of each file. Incorporate your branding image with logos and custom emails.

Zoho Sign: Simplify Your Electronic Document Signatures

In today’s world, document signing is an essential part of business and everyday life. Zoho Sign is a tool designed to simplify the electronic document signing process, making it a valuable solution for businesses and independent professionals.

What is Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign is an electronic signature platform that enables businesses and individual users to securely sign documents online. This tool offers a variety of features, including legally binding electronic signatures, document management, and workflow automation.

Benefits of Zoho Sign

Legally Binding Electronic Signature: Zoho Sign complies with international regulations and standards to ensure the legal validity of electronic signatures.

Document Management: Facilitates the storage and organization of electronically signed documents.

Approval Workflow: Allows for the creation of automated approval workflows for documents.

Security and Privacy: Provides advanced security measures to protect documents and user information.

Why Zoho Sign is Important for Your Business?

Time and Resource Savings

Zoho Sign eliminates the need to print, scan, and send physical documents, saving time and resources.

Increased Efficiency

Workflow automation streamlines document approval and reduces wait times.

Legal Validity

Zoho Sign electronic signatures comply with legal requirements, ensuring the validity of agreements.

How to Get Started with Zoho Sign?

Step 1. Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho Sign online platform.

Step 2. Document Upload: Upload the documents you wish to electronically sign to the platform.

Step 3. Signature Invitation: Invite involved parties to electronically sign the document.

Step 4. Workflow Automation: Create automated approval workflows to streamline the process.


In summary, Zoho Sign is an essential tool for any business or professional looking to simplify and streamline the document signing process. With its features of legally binding electronic signatures, document management, and automated approval workflows, it allows you to save time and resources while ensuring the validity of your agreements. If you want to simplify your document signing processes, Zoho Sign is the solution you need.

1. Is Zoho Sign suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Sign is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations.

2. Are electronic signatures legally binding in Zoho Sign?

Yes, Zoho Sign complies with legal standards and international regulations to ensure the validity of electronic signatures.

3. Can I customize approval workflows in Zoho Sign?

Yes, you can customize approval workflows according to your business needs.

4. How are documents and information protected in Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign utilizes advanced security measures such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect documents and user information.

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