Zoho Backstage

Event management software that enables event organizers to plan and organize conferences, meetings, and product launches with greater efficiency and impact.


Website Creation

Create a mobile-friendly, multi-language website for your event without writing any code. Customize, choose your visibility preferences, and give attendees the freedom to personalize their agenda from the device of their choice. Get an SSL certified website for your event and protect all information visitors enter.

Sales Tickets

Set up multiple ticket classes, add descriptions, and highlight the best option to make decision-making easier for your participants. Send tickets instantly via email. Plus, thanks to compatibility with major payment portals, you can receive your payment securely and instantly after selling a ticket.

Event Marketing

Spread the word about your conference, business event, or other meeting to your target audience. Establish unified messaging on the event website, promotional banners, blogs, and social media posts. Create custom event medals with QR codes for all attendees.

Zoho Backstage: Your Comprehensive Solution for Event Management

Organizing successful events requires careful planning and efficient management. Zoho Backstage is a platform designed to simplify event management, from initial planning to execution and post-event monitoring.

¿Qué es Zoho Backstage?

Zoho Backstage is an event management application that allows businesses to plan, promote and execute events effectively. This tool offers a wide range of features, including guest management, attendee registration, event promotion, and event success measurement.

Advantages of Zoho Backstage

Online Attendee Registration: Allows attendees to conveniently register online, simplifying the registration process.

Guest Management: Makes it easy to manage your guest list, including RSVPing and assigning roles.

Event Promotion: Offers tools to promote events through email and social networks.

Event Analysis: Provides detailed data and analysis to evaluate the success of the event.

Why Zoho Backstage is Important for your Business?

Simplify Event Planning

Zoho Backstage simplifies event planning by offering comprehensive tools that cover everything from creating invitations to managing attendees.

Increase Participation

Online registration and effective promotion through emails and social media increase attendee engagement.

Evaluation of Event Success

The data and analytics provided by Zoho Backstage allow you to measure the success of your event and adjust your strategy for future events.

How to Get Started with Zoho Backstage?

Step 1. Registration: Start by registering on the Zoho Backstage online platform.

Step 2. Event Creation: Create a new event on the platform, specifying details such as date, location and description.

Step 3. Invitation Design: Use Zoho Backstage design tools to create custom invitations.

Step 4. Event Promotion: Promote your event through emails, social media and other marketing channels.


In summary, Zoho Backstage is an essential tool for any business that wants to plan and manage events efficiently. Its comprehensive feature set, from creating invitations to measuring event success, simplifies the entire process. If you are looking for a complete event management solution, Zoho Backstage is the right choice.

1. Is Zoho Backstage suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Zoho Backstage is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations managing events.

2. Can I personalize my event invitations?

Yes, Zoho Backstage offers design tools to customize your event invitations.

3. Does Zoho Backstage support event ticket sales?

Yes, you can configure the sale of tickets for your events through the platform.

4. Does Zoho Backstage offer post-event tracking options?

Yes, you can use event analysis tools to evaluate the success of your event after it takes place.

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